PICO Real Estate

Trusted Market Player with a Diverse Portfolio

PICO Real Estate is a thriving real estate developer with one of the largest real estate portfolios in the Greater Cairo Area. The company possesses extensive, long-term experience in real estate development, ranging from large residential and commercial complexes to desert land reclamation.

Key Facts:

  • Office Facilities: Primarily rented to multinationals, PICO Real Estate owns 20,000m2 of office space in the Greater Cairo area.
  • Agricultural Development Projects: 3,916 feddans.
  • Residential Compounds: Including City View, New Giza and Orange Lake.
  • Residential Buildings: Various residential buildings across Cairo including a number or historic landmarks.
  • Land Bank: +20 million m2.
  • Geographic Diversity: Assets in a number of cities and suburbs throughout Egypt, ranging from Zamalek to Korba to Mansouryia.
  • Clients / Strategic Partnerships: El Ein Valley, City View, New Giza, Beano’s, Weatherford, Amex, Citigroup, and Beltone.

With a booming population and increasing GDP per capita, Egypt has long-term needs for housing, commercial facilities and agricultural land, all of which are addressed by PICO’s diverse portfolio. With a track record of delivering on promises, PICO is a trusted market leader in the Real Estate sector.

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