PICO Investments

Targeting a Diverse Selection of Key Economic Sectors

PICO Investments offers investors a range of competitive advantages, including:

  • Insight: PICO Investments is able to uncover unique investment opportunities, while adhering to essential core investment disciplines, which is key to long-term success in the dynamic MENA region.
  • Control: PICO Investments executes transactions through and with control or substantial positions with significant management influence governed by strong shareholder agreements.
  • Delivery: Management diligently ensures that strategic plans are implemented, consistently monitored and modified as necessary.

Key Facts:

  • Assets Under Management: USD$50 million.
  • Industry Sectors: Financial Services, Banking, Listed Securities, Tourism, Food Industry and Real Estate.
  • Portfolio: Al Ahly for Development and Investment (ADI, 24% stake), Cairo Financial Holding (CFH, 13% stake), Al Safat Investment Company (ASIC, 4.9% stake), Oasis (75% stake), and Cairo Capital Club (CCC, 13.8% stake).


  • Invest in Egyptian and regional markets with intent to expand.
  • Invest in fast-growing sectors with regional exposure.
  • Continue building long-term investment portfolio.
  • Provide sustainable revenue streams.
  • Capital appreciation in existing investments.
  • Assist/support our existing investments to embark on regional opportunities.
  • Drive value in portfolio companies.
  • Provide and implement exit scenarios.

Egypt’s sound banking system and increasingly sophisticated financial markets provide unparalleled avenues to investing in Egypt. Egypt’s banking system is noted for its stability and low-cost base relative to the rest of the region. Egypt’s financial services industry is very well developed, contributing approximately 4% of Egypt’s total GDP. In an expanding economy, a robust financial services industry is key to sustained growth, and is an especially important support pillar for the SME sector, where Egypt offers numerous opportunities.  PICO allocates investments across targeted key sectors of the Egyptian economy, and the Group’s investment arm is backed by a strong shareholder base with regional know-how and specific industry experience.

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