Fully Independent Industry Leaders

We are a diversified, Egypt-based, multinational group of companies operating in the Food and Agriculture, Real Estate, Energy, Engineering and Machinery Distribution, and Finance sectors. Each of our autonomous companies is a recognized leader in its field and delivers specialized, highly technical expertise.

PICO Group’s emphasis on strong management and measured growth gives us the competitive advantage we need to succeed under volatile market conditions.  PICO Group companies each have their own management team, financial structure, growth path with focus on value creation.

While each company under the PICO Group umbrella maintains its independent management and financial structure, the Group is unified and supported by the common values of: Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, Integrity, Commitment, Achievement, Innovation, Teamwork and Accountability.

Mission & Vision

The PICO Group mission is to expand its portfolio and diversify regionally capitalizing on the Group’s solid shareholder base, experienced management teams and highly-qualified employees.

PICO Group’s vision is to grow our local market leaders into successful regional entities with operations spanning the MENA region and beyond, capitalizing on our competitive advantages and leveraging the strength of each independent company with a focus on successive, successful operating cycles.

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Food and Agriculture
Modern Agriculture Company

La Poire
Real Estate
PICO Real Estate
PICO International Petroleum
PICO Energy Service Group
Cheiron Holdings Limited
Engineering Equipment
PICO Engineering
PICO Investments