Stronger United

While the PICO Group companies are fully independent, they are united and underpinned by strong common values.

At the Group level, synergies are developed and maximized making each PICO company stronger by association. Some of the most important are:

Knowledge and Expertise:
The cumulative know-how and expertise of the shareholders provides each company with a highly capable entrepreneurial reference point
Competent BOD & Independent Directors:
Each company’s Directors use their knowledge and experience to influence the direction of their company and drive the Group towards success.
Common Values:
Professionalism, entrepreneurship, integrity, commitment, achievement, innovation, teamwork and accountability are common attributes throughout all Group companies.
Shared Success:
Over the years, the Group has been able to establish the PICO brand as a market leader. The success of one PICO company speaks well for the potential of the others.
Effective Cost Management:
Leveraging the strength of the Group as a whole, PICO companies are able to select the best service providers at the best costs, sustain cost oversight, and optimize the use of capital.
PICO companies share diverse and ample resources, helping the Group to realize significant economies of scale.
The diversity of the sectors in which PICO companies operate insulates the Group against risks and cyclical downturns.
Corporate Governance:
Shareholders ensure that sound corporate governance principles are followed within each PICO company.
Each PICO company is a market leader in its field.
Human Resources:
Each company is endowed with a unique combination of young, innovative talent and experienced professionals.
Efficient Business Cycles:
Stakeholders and management utilize expert research and analysis to identify opportunities, weigh risks and maximize returns.
Management expertise ensures that each company is able to meet the needs of its market and respond quickly and aggressively to opportunities as they emerge.